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MPower-Financial Freedom

Mpower is a product designed to address organization’s need for automated payroll management and it comes with a suite of value – added welfare packages for the employer & employees of every organization.


  • An automated payroll solution that reduces the administrative work associated with month end salary disbursements and other remittances by the employer.
  • Makes additional funds available to employees in the form of salary advances and personal loans based on their status and income. Employees are eligible for:
    1. Automatic Salary Advances of up to 75% of net monthly salary before next pay day.
    2. Personal loans of up to 25% of your annualized net monthly salary which can be repaid over a maximum period of 12 months at very competitive rates.
    3. It helps you save towards your next project by putting aside a fixed amount of your monthly income into your Investment Savings Account which earns interest at above market rate.




  • Flexibility to operate either an Mpower Savings or Current account
  • A free cheque book
  • A free Mpower card which gives you immediate access to credit
  • All transactions on Access Bank ATM is free of charge
  • Free internet and telephone banking which gives you total control of your account anytime and anywhere.
  • Access to unsecured loans at your convenience
  • Automated and secure internet based solution which allows upload of staff salary payments almost instantly.
  • In addition to salary payments, it can be customized to meet your needs for payments of taxes and pensions as well as any other payment requirements.
  • It comes with an Investment Savings Account (ISA) which allows you save towards your next project in a seamless manner.

MPower Biz Account

Mpower Biz Account is a high yield current account specially designed for small & medium size business owners such as sole traders, entrepreneurs and skilled professionals. It offers the opportunity to stay ahead in today’s business world.



  • Minimum opening and daily balance of GMD30, 000
  • Direct debit instructions into Investment Savings Account**
  • Internet, Mobile and Telephone banking
  • Online real time access to account



  • Offers including zero COT
  • Interest earnings on your account balances, putting all your capital to work
  • Simple and convenient to operate
  • Bonus interest rate for increased earnings
  • Unlimited access to your account



MPower Savings Account

This is Standard Savings Account rebranded to create awareness and emotional connection with the customer. It helps individual save towards future financial security. The product is designed to generate low cost deposits for the bank.

It is easy to open, operate and has features and benefits that set you apart from the pack.



  • Opening balance of GMD500
  • Interest rate of 7%
  • 1% Bonus Interest for accounts with average quarterly balances of D20,000 at the Financial year end.
  • Free debit card
  • Internet, Mobile & Telephone Banking
  • Account is online real-time



  • Easy to sign-on
  • Highly competitive interest rates
  • 24/7 access to cash
  • Round-the-clock access to financial services and transactions
  • Enjoy cash withdrawal and lodgment at any of our branches nationwide