MPower-Financial Freedom

Mpower is a product designed to address organization’s need for automated payroll management and it comes with a suite of value – added welfare packages for the employer & employees of every organization.

Features and Benefits

  • An automated payroll solution that reduces the administrative work associated with month end salary disbursements and other remittances by the employer.
  • Makes additional funds available to employees in the form of salary advances and personal loans based on their status and income. Employees are eligible for:
    • Automatic Salary Advances of up to 75% of net monthly salary before next pay day.
    • Personal loans of up to 25% of your annualized net monthly salary which can be repaid over a maximum period of 12 months at very competitive rates.
    • It helps you save towards your next project by putting aside a fixed amount of your monthly income into your Investment Savings Account which earns interest at above market rate.
  •  Flexibility to operate either an Mpower Savings or Current account.
  • A free cheque book.
  • A free Mpower card which gives you immediate access to credit.
  • All transactions on Access Bank ATM is free of charge.
  • Free internet and telephone banking which gives you total control of your account anytime and anywhere.
  • Access to unsecured loans at your convenience.
  • Automated and secure internet based solution which allows upload of staff salary payments almost instantly.
  • In addition to salary payments, it can be customized to meet your needs for payments of taxes and pensions as well as any other payment requirements.
  • It comes with an Investment Savings Account (ISA) which allows you save towards your next project in a seamless manner.