ATM Security Tips

Informed and alert consumers assist in the frontline of defense against payment fraud

ATM Security Tips

  • Be mindful of your surroundings, if the machine is poorly lit or in a secluded area, use another ATM.
  • Lock car doors and roll up windows when using drive-through ATMs.
  • Do not leave keys or valuables in the car when using an ATM.
  • Have your card ready to avoid having to go through your purse or wallet.
  • Make sure that no one nearby can view your PIN or transaction amount.
  • Do not count cash while standing at an ATM; put your cash, card, and receipt away immediately.
  • After completing an ATM transaction, remember to take your card and transaction record, do not leave your receipt behind. Check it against your monthly statements.
  • If your card becomes stuck inside an ATM machine, be suspicious of anyone offering their help, even if they appear to be a bank security officer. Do not accept help from strangers.
  • Do not ask strangers to help you make withdrawals with your card.
  • Do not give your PIN to a stranger to assist you.
  • Protect your card and PIN.


Please do not acknowledge any PROMO, SMS or PHONE CALL notifying you of a cash prize, even if it is from a Telecoms provider e.g. ZAIN (now Airtel) MTN, GLO etc.

You might also be asked to go to the nearest ATM to input some numbers before you can claim your prize.Please call the Telecom provider to ascertain genuineness of the PROMO, SMS or PHONE CALL before committing yourself. Stay safe by staying alert!