For Salary Earners

MPower Loans (for Salary Accounts)

The Mpower Retail Loan product seeks to avail short term Overdraft facilities (TODs), Time & Term loans to customers of Access Bank, Gambia. It is tailored for employees of large corporate bodies and Civil Servants. It is accessible to only salaried current account holders.

Selling Proposition

  • Mpower loan up to 50% of net salary for 3 years subject to 40% debt to income repayment ratio.
  • Salary advance of 50% of net monthly income for TOD.
  • Eligibility to Mpower loan will be 3 months after salary domiciliation
  • Overdrafts and loans will be booked on current accounts only.
  • The Mpower to resolve financial needs immediately.

Approval Forms

  • Mpower loan application form.
  • Personal guarantee form.
  • Temporal overdraft form.
  • Letter of lien and set off.
  • Checklist for Mpower personal loan.
  • Insurance form.
  • Drawdown memo for Mpower retail loans.


  • Borrower should be a confirmed staff with a minimum monthly salary of GMD2,500.00.
  • Name of borrower is in the payroll accounts administered by Access Bank.
  • Salary of borrower is domiciled in the bank for at least 3 months. (Case by case basis)
  • Employer has confirmed borrower`s instruction on irrevocable salary domiciliation
  • Loan amount does not exceed 50% of net annual salary.
  • Credit facilities with tenor not more than 36 months, with deductions of not more than 40% of net monthly pay.
  • Means of identification- Driver license, International passport or identity card.

Personal Guarantor and Insurance cover (Bank assurance Policy)

  • Enterprise Life Assurance Company
  • Capital Express Insurance Company
  • Personal guarantee of a salary account holder of Access Bank

Approval process

  • Customer completes loan form and attaches all supporting documents as required by the product.
  • Relationship Managers screens the applicant’s documents including; CRB, salary slip, evidence of employer’s consent, guarantor details etc.
  • Approval of credit by CRM, MD, Legal and then CRM International
  • Disbursement of funds upon customer meeting conditions precedent to drawdown
  • RM’s monitoring of loan through liaising with employers on a quarterly basis and tracking salary inflows in the account monthly.


  • Salary domiciliation
  • Personal guarantee of an Access Bank account holder
  • Bank Assurance Policy
  • Letter of undertaking by employer stating that the salary of employee will be sent to the Bank throughout the tenor of the loan.

For more information please contact your Account Officers or send an email to