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CEO Statement

Dear Stakeholder, 

First of all, I want to give God all the praise and glory for seeing us through a challenging 2013.
In my first full year as CEO/MD of Access Bank Gambia Ltd, I would like to thank our Customers, Shareholders, Staff and all other Stakeholders for the support rendered. During the year, we have witnessed an increase in remittances by Gambians abroad that has buoyed the Gambian economy.
The Gambia Government in its drive for socio-economic advancement and development as clearly articulated in the Gambia Government's Blueprint Development Strategy Paper called VISION 2020, coupled with the Silicon Valley Project, will give maximum attention to the following:

  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Trade
  • Tourism
  • Financial Services
  • Human Resources Development

Additionally, other measures like active liberalization of the economy and Investor friendly projects which have been introduced by the Government of The Gambia will give rise to the following:

  • A well sustained economic growth
  • Infrastructural development – rural electrification & major road construction
  • Political Stability
  • A viable tourism and agricultural sector – the leading foreign exchange earners
  • Trade Investments
  • Re-Export Trade to countries within the ECOWAS Sub - region and beyond

Access Bank (Gambia) Limited commenced operations in The Gambia with the view of partnering with the Government and major players in the economy, for the full realization of the developmental aspirations of the Government and people of The Gambia as postulated in the VISION 2020 and the Silicon Valley Project. We have changed the outlook of conventional banking by bringing into The Gambia very innovative products and services that add significant value to the business of our most treasured customers.

Leadership and Excellence are some of our Core Values, and they define the way we conduct our business. The secret behind the success of our business is based on the following:

  • Strong Corporate Governance
  • Highly knowledgeable, dedicated and Customer Focused Employees
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Innovative Products and Services
  • Robust IT Platform

It is generally accepted that the survival and continued prosperity of a business cannot be divorced from the prosperity and sustenance of the community in which it operates. Access Bank Gambia as a responsible corporate citizen recognizes its role in contributing to the long term sustainable development of its operating environment. Corporate Social Responsibility represents the ways by which we achieve a balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives while simultaneously addressing Stakeholders expectations. Over the last year, Access Bank fully supported the Gambia Government's developmental activities through the following activities:-

  • Collaborating with the Gambia Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (GADHOH) to commemorate International Week of the Deaf 2013
  • Sponsoring the Serahuli Community's Shoumpou Dooh Katty Football Tournament
  • Assisting in the construction of a new Classroom block at Tallinding Lower Basic School
  • Purchase of Laptop for a Visually Disabled student attending the Management Development Institute (MDI)

We will continue in our strive to transform our bank into the World's Most Respected African Bank, and endeavour to meet the expectations of Stakeholders in the coming year and beyond.
I wish to take this opportunity to thank you our Shareholders, The Board of Directors, and all our wonderful Customers for your loyalty and support.
To our most efficient and courteous staff, I say a big thank you for the commitment, dedication and your continued drive for excellent services.

God bless you.