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Top 13 Time Saving Apps for Busy Professionals

Who doesn’t wish they had 25 hours in a day? An extra hour can make all difference, especially if you are a busy Executive. But since we only have 24, the best way to free up some time is to get more done in less time. This is where mobile phones can help. There are several mobile apps that can help you maximize time, whether while commuting, prepping for a meeting or just organizing your thoughts. Let’s check them out.
1.     Email Apps
If you do not have an email app, then it is best you get one. It helps you keep track of your mail, cut down response time and get the little stuff out of the way as soon as you can. Gmail. Yahoo or whatever email service you use, having the app helps you free up time. Of course, there should be an adequate work-life balance when using an email app. The point is you have access to your inbox whenever and wherever.
2.     Document Processing Apps
Everyone is going paperless, more so a document processing app (think pdf reader, Microsoft office, Google docs etc) helps you view an important document on the go. You do not need to get on a computer to access your document, it is right there in your palm. How is that for cutting time processing time?
3.      Mobile Banking App
There are several mobile banking apps that will save you a lot of stress and time in visiting the branch. One of such apps is the Access Bank Mobile Banking App. This app gives you real-time access to your account in Access Bank at zero subscription cost. Why go to the bank and join queues when in less than a minute you can: purchase airtime, pay bills, transfer funds, confirm or cancel cheques and check your account balance. This app is a time saver available 24/7.

4.   Notepads
Ideas come at unlikeliest of time. Maybe when you are in the car, or at a restaurant. Eureka moments can be captured with note taking apps. You can scribble crudely on them and organize later. What’s more, some have inbuilt reminders and to-do list features, which help you stay sharp and smart. You can start the preparation of a document on a notepad app and transfer to your preferred word processor. ColorNote, Ultimate Notepad, and Keep My Notes are few of the high ranking notepad apps that can help you stay ahead.
5.    Sticky notes
Everyone loves the sticky note. So why not take it a step further and get the app. They are smart for reminders. If you have a quote to motivate you, or you need to remember your to-dos, sticky notes can help.
6.   Schedulers and reminders
These are apps that help you plan in a more detailed way. They’re also great for goal setting and keeping track of what needs to be done and when. Apps like TimeTune and helps you keep track and not derail, you can even measure what gets done to improve your efficiency and free up time usually eaten up by clutter.
7.     WhatsApp
Yes, WhatsApp! Organizations are increasingly using the group feature to organize teams, keep track and share information, especially on special projects. It’s fast, a bit informal and encrypted. So if you have virtual teams and email doesn’t cut it for you, WhatsApp is the best thing to reduce lag time and get information flowing.
8.     Google drive or Dropbox
If you’ve ever had your computer crashed, your phone stolen or your flash drive forgotten at home then you will definitely love these cloud storage apps. The hassle of looking for and accessing the right document when needed will not only stress you out but also eats into productive time. What’s more, both cloud storage apps are synced across devices.
9.     Pocket
Pocket is nice for saving content for consumption later. This beautiful app helps you organize online content you like, saving them for later use whether for research, reference, leisure or just plain reading.
10.   Slack
Slack is another communicating tool built for virtual teams. It helps you organize teams into different clusters so every group can focus on what needs to get done and then get it done. It can help you get a bird’s eye view of the different organs of your organisation, and what your different teams are working on.
11.  PayWithCapture
Chances are, you have more than one account with more than one bank.  PayWithCapture is this app that helps you manage all your numerous accounts and online transactions in one place. You can carry out everyday banking, pay for services, and even purchase items with your phone’s camera (think snap and go). This is one of the fastest growing financial apps that saves time.
12.   Google News & Weather
Information is power. This app syndicates news across platforms for easy access in one place. It is also customizable so you get more of the news you want and less of those you do not want. Business, Africa, World and Sports are some the categories found on Google news. The app also gives you suggestions on what you might be interested in based on your likes. This saves you time shuttling between various news sites to get your news(paper) in one place.
13. Google Maps
Having this app on your phone can't be overemphasisied. It’s one of those apps that help you manage your time especially in a traffic-prone territory like Lagos. Google Maps does not only give directions, it will indicate roads where you'll experience traffic congestion and as well show other faster alternative routes.