Everyday Banking - Frequently Asked Questions

A current account designed for ONLY employees in corporate Nigeria i.e. salary earners.
What is required is simple. They are:
  • Letter of Introduction from the Employer.
  • Copy of Staff ID (where the prospecting employee does not have a means of ID card, an additional Passport photograph affix on the Letter of Introduction will suffice as temporary ID card).
  • One (1) Passport photograph.
  • A Residence Permit (for foreigners).
The Debit card issuance charge on the account is N1,000 and the annual card maintenance fee of N100.
Yes. There may be monthly salary processing fee of N100 which depends on terms agreed with your employer, the charge may be borne by either your employer or the employee.
With the Everyday Banking, you stand the opportunity of enjoying:
  • Personal loans
  • Automatic Payday Advance
  • School Fees Advance
  • Vehicle Finance
  • Mortgage
The details of the Personal loans include:
  • Loan amount of up to 75% of annual salary
  • Competitive Interest rates
  • Up to 36 months tenor
  • The details of the Automatic Payday Advance include:
  • Up to 50% of net monthly salary
  • Repayment is within 31 days or next payday
  • Re-borrowing upon maturity
  • Competitive Interest rates
  • Available on Access Mobile Money
The details of the School Fees Advance include:
  • Provides short term financial support for customers to pay school fees for their children/wards within and outside Nigeria
  • Between N250,000 & N5million (Local school fees payment)
  • Between USD10,000 & USD100,000 (Foreign school sees payment)
  • 4-months tenor (renewable per session)
The details of the Vehicle Finance include:
  • Minimum of 10% Equity contribution and maximum of 48 months tenor
  • Accessible in 72hrs with competitive pricing
  • Online application and free car licensing and registration
  • 12 month minimum warranty on all cars
  • Wide variety of accredited vendors to choose from
  • The details of the Mortgage finance include:
  • Up to N200M loan amount and minimum of 30% equity.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Up to fifteen (15) years tenor
  • Preference to be given properties situated in Lagos, PH and Abuja
You do not require any form of collateral. As long as you are a bonafide employee of your organization and your monthly salary justifies your requests, you can enjoy any of the offerings of the Everyday Banking account.
Visit any Access Bank Branch nearest to you and follow the steps below:
  • Request you would like to meet the Personal Banking Officer.
  • Open an Everyday Banking account.
  • Advise your HR/Employer of your new salary account and get them to give you an introduction stating your request that going forward, your salary should be paid through Access Bank.
  • Once your 1st salary has been paid through Access Bank, you can make your request for any of the loan options.
  • The Personal Banking Officer will communicate all the terms and conditions precedent.
These include:
  • Efficient salary administration
  • Increased productivity & profitability
  • Reduced staff turnover
These include:
  • Psychological stability.
  • Empowered to resolve financial needs immediately.