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Savings Account

  • Standard Savings Account
  • Kiddies Account

Standard Savings Account

The Standard Savings Account is the savings account that affords you the opportunity to easily and convenient accumulate funds for future use. This account is to help encourage a savings culture in you.


  • Minimum opening a daily balance of GMD500
  • Interest rate of 4% per annum paid every three months
  • Free Access card
  • ATM Card for D250.00 only
  • Mobile, Internet & Telephone Banking
  • Allows direct debit instructions into Investment Savings Account



  • Easy to open and operate
  • Enjoy more yields

Kiddies Account

This is a savings account with special appeal to children up to the age of 17 years of age.



  • Opening balance of D100.00
  • Interest rate of 4%
  • Minimum daily balance of D100.00
  • Branded savings withdrawal booklet


Requirements (How to apply)

  • Duly completed account opening form including mandate section
  • Copies of parents/guardian national ID, or international passport
  • 1 passport photograph each
  • TIN Card of parent/guardian
  • Birth Certificate/Passport of Child
  • Cash deposit of D100