General Security Tips

Informed and alert consumers assist in the frontline of defense against payment fraud

General Security Tips

  • Store your financial documents, credit cards, passwords and tokens in a secure location.
  • Do not send any personal or sensitive information through email, as the channel is typically not secure
  • Report lost or stolen checks and debit/credit cards immediately
  • When selecting a Personal Identification Number (PIN), do not use a number or word that appears in your wallet, such as name, birth date, or phone number
  • When shopping online, use secure websites to make purchases. Look for secure transaction signs such as a closed-lock icon and “https://...” in the address bar
  • Do not immediately open email attachments or click on links in unsolicited or suspicious-looking emails
  • Do not overshare on social media by providing information used by the Bank or customers.
  • Review the privacy options for the social media platforms you join to understand how to limit the amount of information you share
  •  Avoid storing your passwords or other sensitive information on your computer, smartphone, or in places where it could be discovered
  • When you finish using platforms where you are required to sign in, always log off - do not simply close the browser
  • Be careful who you give your account details to as they can sometimes be used to receive fraudulent inflows without your knowledge or authorization
  • Be confidential with your internet Banking and Card details
  • Check and monitor your accounts for any unusual activity
  • Access Bank will never send you a mail containing a link that takes you straight to a webpage where you supply your Access Online or Access mobile log in details (Username, Password and Token/PIN)
  • Access Bank will never send you a text message requesting for your to call a number where you supply your card details (full PAN, CVV, Exp Date, OTP/Token)
  • End the call immediately if a caller is requesting for confidential information. Fraudsters impersonate companies and may even pretend to be Access Bank representative
  • Report all suspicious behavior or activities to or

 Documents Disposal

  • Always use the shredding machine to dispose unwanted documents as it can lead to disclosure of vital information to the Public or fraudsters if not properly disposed.
  • Documents torn can easily be put together and sensitive information made available to unauthorized persons
  • Do not disclose customers information to 3rd parties including staff who do not have need for that information
  • You are privilege to have the information about the customer and the Bank, so do not abuse or mis-use it.
  • The information you are exposed to are for the benefit of the Bank and its customers, ensure you keep this information confidential at all times
  • If you received a new debit or credit card, cut up and discard your old card
  • Ask for a shredding machine if you do not have one.

Scam Mail Fraud

  • Did you receive an email asking you for your token, PIN or Internet banking details?
  • Do not respond to the mail as Access Bank will not ask you for such confidential information.
  • Instead forward the mail to our contact centre email address

Be Security Conscious

  • Confirm account balance from an ATM or bank when you receive a credit alert before releasing goods
  • Do not respond to any mail requesting for your personal details like Account number, Card details, Token, PIN, etc.
  • Access Bank will not request such personal information from you either via mail or phone call.